POLYMAT - POLYmeric MATerials


The primary research activity of PolyMat group concerns photoinduced polymerisation processes.
The goal is the developing of

  1. new functional polymeric materials (contact person: roberta.bongiovanni@polito.it; marco.sangermano@polito.it)
  2. polymers for direct photolithography, soft lithography and 3D printing (contact persons: roberta.bongiovanni@polito.it, marco.sangermano@polito.it);
  3. micro and nano fibers by photopolymerization and electrospinning processes (contact person: alessandra.vitale@polito.it)
  4. photopolymerization of monomers from bio-renewable resources (contact person: marco.sangermano@polito.it) and biobased polymeric composites (contact person: roberta.bongiovanni@polito.it )
  5. development of ecocompatible materials for building (contact person: simonetta.pagliolico@polito.it)
  6. surface modification of polymers by light induced reactions, e.g. coatings, textiles, cellulosic materials (contact person: alessandra.vitale@polito.it).
  7. photocurable hydrogels for tissue engineering (contact person: marco.sangermano@polito.it )

Main targets

  • Synthesis and characterisation of photocured polymers containing graphene (POLYMAT, in partnership with DET and Graphene@PoliTo Laboratory)
  • Photopolymerisation and elettrospinning for new fibers (POLYMAT)
  • Photopolymerised water barrier coatings for the protection of building materials and cultural heritage materials and fluorinated photopolymers(POLYMAT).
  • Photopolymers for 3D printing (POLYMAT)
  • Esterification of oil and fats hydrolised products via reactive distillation and/or processe in supercritical media (POLYMAT in collaboration with SMAC)

Main research topics

  • Electrospinning and photocrosslinking of new fibers
  • Photopolymers for 3D printing
  • Fluorinated photopolymers, see www.h2020-msca-photofluo.eu
  • Photopolymerization of bio-renewable monomers
  • Biobased photocured composites, see www.h2020-combiosites.eu
  • Photocured polymers containing graphene (in partnership with DET and Graphene@PoliTo Laboratory)
  • Photopolymerised protective coatings for the protection of building materials and cultural heritage materials
  • Synthesis of photocured nanocapsules
  • Synthesis of hydrogels for biomedical applications

Main partnerships

  • Dipartimento di Energia DENERG Politecnico di Torino,
  • Dipartimento di Architettura e Design DAD Politecnico di Torino
  • Università di Torino,
  • Università di Modena Reggio Emilia,
  • Politecnico di Milano,
  • Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia,
  • Università di Trento,
  • Università di Catania,
  • CNR-ISMAC Biella
  • Ecole de Papeterie de Grenoble (F),
  • ENSCM (Montpellier, F),
  • EPFL, Polytechnique de Palaiseau (F),
  • CSIC (Madrid,ES),
  • University Roviri i Virgili (Tarragona, ES),
  • McGill University (Montreal, CA),
  • Monash University (AUS),
  • Stellenbosch University (Sud Africa),
  • Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México,
  • Universitas Gadjah Mada (Yogyakarta, Indonesia),
  • Wageningen University (The Netherlands)
  • Buzzi UNICEM,
  • AGC Flat Glass,
  • Solvay,
  • Henkel


Marco Sangermano

  • member of editorial board di Polymer International dal 2014.
  •  IBM Faculty Awards 2016

Marco Sangermano & Alessandra Vitale

  • Science Award for best scientific contribution - Coatings Science International Conference 2015

Alessandra Vitale

  • Award for best Tesi di Dottorato - Associazione Italiana di Chimica per l’Ingegneria (AICIng) - 2014
  • Award for best poster - II European Symposium of Photopolymer Science, 2012

Roberta Bongiovanni & Alessandra Vitale

  • Editor of Special Issue di Materials: Materials for Photolithography and 3D printing 2016 

Patents and Spin-off 

J. M. DeSimone, A. Pandya, D. Wong, A. Vitale, Ion conducting polymers and polymer blends for alkali metal ion batteries, WO 2014062898 A1, 2014

Projects and publications

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