Nanosciences Laboratory

Laboratory composed by 6 different areas devoted to several aims: plasma assisted thin film depositions, nanomechanical and surface characterizations, chemical an biochemical processes

Type Research laboratory
Site Main structure: TOCEN04XP01B021/B023/B027/B025/B026/B028/B029/B030
Phone Characterizations Lab: 011.0907300 Nano-mechanical Lab: 011.0907409 Biochemical Lab: 011.0907401 Chemical Lab: 011.0907400 Sputtering Lab: 011.0907308 Clean Room: 011.0907341
Dimension 180 mq
  • Atmospheric pressure plasma system
  • Low pressure plasma polymerization system
  • RF Magnetron Sputtering
  • Optical Contact Angle Analysis
  • Fluorescence Optical Microscope
  • Spin Coating & Mask Aligner
  • HPLC
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
  • C4D ( capacitively-coupled contactless conductivity) Electrophoresis Platform
  • Autoclave for sterilization
  • Ultrapure Water (MilliQ grade) Deionizer/UV Sterilizer
  • Bench for Anhydrous chemical reactions
  • Thermocycler for PCR amplification
  • Gel electrophoresis cell
  • UV Transilluminator system
  • 96-well plate Vis reader
  • Eppendorf tubes and Falcon tubes (50 mL) Centrifuges
  • Biological and Chemical Hoods
  • Static and dynamic measurement of MEMS and NEMS (SCALA)
  • Automatic system for resonance frequency measurement (CANTIRED)
  • Laser Doppler Vibrometer (MSA 500)