Laboratory LATT 1

Type Research laboratory
Site Technological center of Biella
Phone 015 401407
Dimension 95 mq
  • Conditioned laboratory (ASTM D-1776)
  • Tensiometer Kruss 100 for measure of liquid surface tension and capillary rise in fabrics or powders
  • Air permeability tester for fabrics (ISO 9237)
  • Atlas Moisture Management Tester for assessment of sweat management in fabrics
  • Datacolor CHECK II for the measurements of fabric colour
  • Atlas Perspiration Tester for colour fastness to water and perspiration
  • Atlas Crockmeter for colour fastness to rubbing
  • Thermo Scientific Evolution 300 UV-Vis spectrophotometer
  • Pilot plant for ultra-sound-assisted textile dyeing and washing
  • Pilot bubble column for waste water treatment
  • Ozonizer for waste water treatment