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Professore Ordinario (L.240)

Componente (Commissione istruttoria per il Coordinamento dell'Attività Didattica e formativa)
Coordinatore (Collegio di Ingegneria Chimica e dei Materiali)
Membro Centro Interdipartimentale (R3C - Responsible Risk Resilience Centre)

+39 0110904693 / 4693 (DISAT)

Settore scientifico discliplinare ING-IND/26 - TEORIA DELLO SVILUPPO DEI PROCESSI CHIMICI
(Area 0009 - Ingegneria industriale e dell'informazione)
Identificativi ORCID: 0000-0002-0914-7901
Scopus Author ID: 6602383239
WoS ResearcherID: E-9224-2012
Linee di ricerca
  • Drug delivery systems based on nanoparticles: the research activity is focused on the optimization of the reactor configuration and of the operating parameters, aiming at maximizing the loading of the desired component, as well as maintaining particles dimension in the desired range. Release of the active ingredient is also investigated.
  • Freeze-drying: Monitoring, control, infrared thermography, Quality by design, The research is focused on the optimization, monitoring and control of the batch freeze-drying of pharmaceuticals, where original and effective solutions for both the primary and the secondary drying stages were proposed, validated and, in some cases, patented. The application of these methodologies to food freeze-drying was also investigated.

Settori ERC

PE8_2 - Chemical engineering, technical chemistry PE8_4 - Computational engineering PE8_13 - Industrial bioengineering PE8_9 - Production technology, process engineering

Parole chiave libere

Freeze drying Image analysis Nanoparticles Near infrared spectroscopy Process control Process monitoring Statistical process control Thermography (imaging)
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Comitati editoriali

  • PHARMACEUTICS (2021-), Guest Editor di rivista o collana editoriale
  • JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES (2019-2023), Altro tipo di attività editoriale