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Luigi Capozzi is currently a postdoctoral researcher and his current area of research involves the simulation of vibrated metallic powders in the framework of metallurgic processes. During his Ph.D., he developed a new technology for the continuous freeze-drying process of pharmaceuticals, which also involves the use of microparticles. He studied the process using a multi-scale approach, combining experiments with modeling at the micro- and macro- scale. In particular, his research dealt with the control of freezing/crystallization and predict the characteristics of lyophilized products and transport phenomena during the drying stage. He implemented his project by using micro-CT, discrete element method (DEM), computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and developing models at the macro-scale. In 2017, he was visiting at MIT (Boston, USA) for a collaborative project that led to patent the continuous apparatus for pharmaceutical freeze-drying. In the early stage, he developed ultrafiltration membranes functionalized with polydopamine for contaminant removal during cross-sectional depth filtration. In the framework of that project, he spent a summer semester at McGill University (Montreal, Canada).