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Education and Qualifications: • July 1994: University Degree (Laurea) in Physics at the University of Pisa with full marks and honors. Supervisor: Prof. Adriano Di Giacomo • Oct. 21st 1997: PhD Degree in Particle Physics at SISSA-ISAS Trieste, Supervisor: Prof. Pietro Frè. • Oct 1st 1997- Sept. 27th 2000: Post-Doctoral position at the University of Wales Swansea; • 1 October 2000 - 1 October 2003: Post-Doctoral position at the Spinoza Institute in Utrecht ; • He has won the E.U. fellowship “M. Curie” for the period from 1-11-2001 to 1-11-2003; • He was employed at the Politecnico of Turin (Italy) under a state contract named “Rientro dei Cervelli” for the period from 1-11-2003 to 1-11-2006, which was eventually extended to 1-11-2007; • He won the E.U. “M. Curie” grant ERG for the period from 1-11-2004 to 1-11-2006. This grant has been employed to hire a post-doc (Dr. Luca Sommovigo) at the Physics Department of Politecnico of Turin who has been collaborating to the project; • In November 2006 Politecnico called Mario Trigiante for a position of Associate Professor after gathering “excellent” references in his favour from international renown experts in Theoretical High Energy Physics such as Prof. S. Ferrara (Heineman prize, Dirac medal, E. Fermi prize), Prof. D.I.Olive (Dirac Prize). This position was then granted to Politecnico by the Ministry of University and Research after a national selection; • He has been Associate Professor at the Politecnico of Turin from 1/2/2008 to 31/12/2018. • He is currently Full Professor at the Politecnico of Turin since 31/12/2018; • Since 2012 he is member of the Board of the Doctorate School in Physics at Politecnico di Torino; • Since 7/2018 he is the Coordinator of the Board of the Doctorate School in Physics at Politecnico di Torino; Grants and Honors Besides the European grants and the Italian state-funded grant ``Rientro dei Cervelli'', listed above, he is the scientist in charge of a senior grant on a project entitled "A geometric approach to quantum gravity" funded in 2015 by Centro Studi e Ricerche "Enrico Fermi"; He won a research grant on a project entitled ``Fundmental models for cosmology'' funded in 2015 by Cassa di Risparmio di Torino; He received in January 2014 the national qualification (``idoneità'') to the role of full professor. Teaching Activities: • He has been contributing to the preparation of the course on neutrino-physics held by Prof. G. 't Hooft (Nobel Prize laureate) at the University of Utrecht; • He prepared the exercise sessions of the course on String Theory held by Prof. G. 't Hooft at the University of Utrecht; • In Politecnico of Turin he has given an undergraduate yearly course on Classical Electromagnetism each year from 2004 to 2008; • He thought a 100-hour course on Classical Mechanics, Thermodynamics and Electromagnetism, in English, for foreign students during the period 2/2007-6/2007; • From 2009 to 2018 he has thought on a yearly basis a 100-hour course at Politecnico of Turin on Classical Mechanics and Electromagnetism; • Since 2018 he has been teaching a course at Politecnico of Turin on Classical Electromagnetism; • In November 2006 he thought a 12-hour class on Black Holes in General Relativity at the University of Turin; • He currently teaches, on a yearly basis, a PhD course on "Group Theory and Some of Its Applications". • He gave a lecture on black holes in supergravity at the School on Attractor Mechanics (SAM 2009), 29 June - 3 July 2009, Frascati Italy. • He gave, under invitation, a 6-hour course on "Black Holes in Extended Super- gravity" at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso (Chile) on 18,19,20/6/2014; • He gave, under invitation, a course on "Gauged Supergravities" at the school “Theoretical Frontiers in Black Holes and Cosmology”, held at the International Institute of Physics (IIP-UFRN), 8-19 of June 2015, Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil; • He gave, under invitation, a 14-hour course on "Gauged Supergravities" at the school LACES 2015, held at the Galileo Galilei Institute for Theoretical Physics, Arcetri-Italy, November 23 - December 11, 2015; • He gave, under invitation, a course on "Gauged Supergravities" at School on "Superstrings and Supergravity", 18-30 November 2018, Vina del Mar, Chile. Conferences and seminars: He has been invited for various conferences and seminars in Europe and USA. He has been often working, for various periods, at CERN. In the last years he was invited at the University of California Los Angeles, CA, USA, for scientific collaboration and to give a seminar entitled M- theory compactifications and gauged supergravity. He has been invited at to give a seminars and plenary talks in various international meetings such as: the Ninth Marcel Grossmann Meeting, July 2 - 8, Rome; STRINGS 07, 25-29/6/2007 Matrid (Spain); the Workshop Lie Theory and Its Applications in Physics, 18-24 June 2007, Varna, Bulgaria; Latino-American Workshop on "High Energy Physics: Particles and Strings", Havana, Cuba, 15-21 July 2012; the XXI st International Conference on Integrable Systems and Quantum symmetries (ISQS-21) Prague, Czech Republic, (2013); the conference EU - Russia year of Science “A Window on Physics, Biology and Technology”, at the Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics, 4 - 6 November 2014, Trieste; conference “Theoretical Frontiers in Black Holes and Cosmology”, held at the International Institute of Physics (IIP-UFRN),2015, Natal (Brazil) etc.. He was invited to give lectures on on his research topics (black holes in supergravity and gauged sueprgravities) at the School on Attractor Mechanics (SAM 2009) in Frascati Italy, International Institute of Physics (IIP-UFRN) in Natal (Brazil) and at the GGI, Arcetri (Italy) (see above). Supervision of Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows He was supervisor of 6 PhD students in the preparation of their thesis. One of them won in 2015 the "Quality Award" for his PhD research work on Supergravity Solutions under my supervision. Scientific Publications: He has 97 original publications (120 citeable papers) on international peer reviewed Journals with average Impact Factor of about 5-6, and 18 contributions to Proceedings of national and international conferences: Source INSPIRE: The total number of citations is 3687, the average number of citations per paper is 38, the h factor is 37. The citation counting refers to 20/3/2019 and data is taken from INSPIRE database ( run by a collaboration of CERN, DESY, Fermilab, IHEP, and SLAC). Source Google Scholar: As to 20/3/2019, total number of citations 4488; h-index: 38 Scientific Books and Monographs • From Special Relativity to Feynman Diagrams: A Course of Theoretical Particle Physics for Beginners, R. D’Auria, M. Trigiante, about 600 pages, First Edition, Springer 2012; Second Edition, Springer 2016 (hard cover); • He was invited to write, by March 2016, a review for Physics Reports on "Gauged Supergravities". The review was published in 2017. Coordination and management of research groups and projects: - Since the retirement of Prof. Riccardo D’Auria in 2010, he is the coordinator of the research group on the Theory of Fundamental Interactions at Politecnico di Torino; - He was the Principal Investigator (“referente scientifico”) of the project “Linear and non-linear stability in AdS”, Protocol n. 7246/6.1.3, in collaboration with Dott. Andrès Fernando Anabalon Dupuy fom University Adolfo Ibañez in Viña del Mar (Chile). - Principal Investigator of the project “A geometric approach to quantum gravity” N. 4(15) for which a Senior Grant was funded by CENTRO FERMI (Museo Storico della Fisica e Centro Studi e Ricerche Enrico Fermi), for the period 1/5/2015-1/5/2018, at the DISAT Department of Politecnico di Torino. - Principal Investigator of the project “Modelli Fondamentali per la Cosmologia e la Microgravità” funded by FONDAZIONE CRT, bando 062/2016 for the period from 16/04/2016 to 15/04/2017 at the DISAT Department of Politecnico di Torino. Other Scientific Activities: He is referee for: Phys. Rev. Lett., JHEP, Physical Review D, Nuclear Physics B, Classical and Quantum Gravity; Foundations of Physics; Euro Physics Letters; Journal of Physics A; Mathematical Reviews. He is review editor for Frontiers. He was acknowledged by Elsevier as Most Valued Reviewer of 2014. Scientific Research: He started working on lattice gauge theories for his undergraduate thesis, under the supervision of Prof. A. Di Giacomo (University of Pisa). Since his PhD at SISSA (Trieste), his scientific interests were oriented towards supergravity theories and string dualities. He started working on these topics with Prof. P. Frè. Eventually his collaborations included, among others, Prof. S. Ferrara (CERN), Prof. R. D’Auria (Politecnico of Turin), Prof. B. Julia (ENS, Paris), Prof. B. de Wit (Spinoza Institute, Utrecht), Prof. E. Bergshoeff and Prof. M. de Roo (University of Groningen), Prof. A. Van Proeyen (KU Leuven) etc. His main research topics are: the mathematical structure of supergravity theories in various dimensions, gauged supergravity approach to (generalized) flux compactifications of string/M theory, black hole solutions in supergravity. Together with Prof. H. Samtleben and Prof. B. de Wit, he has contributed to the introduction and development of the embedding tensor formulation of gauged supergravities. One of his main goals was the identification of the U-duality covariant embedding tensor with (generalized) fluxes in string compactifications, which provided a powerful tool for investigating duality relations between flux compactifications. This technique proved to be very fruitful and was applied, in collaboration with S. Ferrara, R. D’Auria, C. Angelantonj and others, within different projects, to the study of the low-energy dynamics of a variety of string compactifications. In collaboration with Prof. P. Frè and Prof. A. Van Proeyen he has constructed the first and only example of extended supergravity theory with a stable de Sitter vacuum. This N=2 model has important applications to cosmology. He has been actively working on the study of black holes in supergravity and their properties with respect to the U-duality group of the theory (global on-shell symmetry group) and with respect to the larger global symmetry group whcih is manifest in an effective Euclidean D=3 description of these solutions. Within this framework, in collaboration with Prof. E. Bergshoeff and others, he gave a characterization of the extremal solutions to the STU model in terms of states of a 4 q-bit system with different degrees of entanglement. Applying the embedding tensor description of N = 8 four-dimensional gauged supergravity, a new class of models with local SO(8) symmetry was constructed. This was achieved by gauging the SO(8) symmetry group in a family of different symplectic frames (dyonic gaugings), which are not related by global symmetry transformations of the ungauged theory (i.e. E7(7)-transformations). This result has had an important resonance in the scientific community since it contradicted the common lore that the SO(8)-gauged maximal four-dimensional supergravity, originally constructed by de Wit and Nicolai in the eighties, was unique. It led in 2012 to a publication on Phys. Rev. Lett. He is currently working on multi-field Born-Infeld theories; partial supersymmetry breaking; supergravity black holes and black branes; derivation superstring/M-theory description of dyonic gaugings in Maximal supergravities.