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Member of Interdepartmental Center (PolitoBIOMed Lab - Biomedical Engineering Lab)

+39 0110904322 / 4322 (D.SAT)

Patents and other Intellectual properties

CoV-Ab2: Test per la valutazione combinata del coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 e relativa sieroprevalenza.. National and international patent

Priority number(s): 102021000020042


Sviluppo di un sensore microfluidico-optofluidico per analisi RAMAN con area attiva a base di nanoparticelle di argento su silicio poroso. National patent

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Priority number(s): 2015IT-TO00227



The present invention is placed in the field of chemical and biological sensors with Raman spectroscopy amplified by surface effects (SERS) use. The invention provides for the use of porous silicon membranes decorated with silver or gold nanoparticles integrated into a polymer-based multichamber microfluidic chip. The system can be used both with laboratory instruments and portable instruments, adapting to Point of Care approaches.