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PhD Student
Visiting Staff - Borsa di studio per attività di ricerca non tassata

Most recent publications

Romano, Angelo; Roppolo, Ignazio; Rossegger, Elisabeth; Schlögl, Sandra; Sangermano, ... (2020)
Recent Trends in Applying Ortho-Nitrobenzyl Esters for the Design of Photo-Responsive Polymer Networks. In: MATERIALS, vol. 13, pp. 2777-2802. ISSN 1996-1944 Download fulltext
Romano, A.; Angelini, A.; Rossegger, E.; Palmara, G.; Castellino, M.; Frascella, F.; ... (2020)
Laser-Triggered Writing and Biofunctionalization of Thiol-Ene Networks. In: MACROMOLECULAR RAPID COMMUNICATIONS, vol. 41, pp. e2000084-e2000091. ISSN 1022-1336 Download fulltext
Marx, P.; Romano, A.; Roppolo, I.; Chemelli, A.; Muhlbacher, I.; Kern, W.; Chaudhary, ... (2019)
3D-Printing of High-κ Thiol-Ene Resins with Spiro-Orthoesters as Anti-Shrinkage Additive. In: MACROMOLECULAR MATERIALS AND ENGINEERING, vol. 304, pp. 1900515-1900524. ISSN 1438-7492
Marx, Philipp; Romano, Angelo; Fischer, Roland; Roppolo, Ignazio; Sangermano, Marco; ... (2019)
Dual-Cure Coatings: Spiroorthoesters as Volume-Controlling Additives in Thiol–Ene Reactions. In: MACROMOLECULAR MATERIALS AND ENGINEERING, vol. 304. ISSN 1438-7492
Romano, A.; Roppolo, I.; Giebler, M.; Dietliker, K.; Možina, Å .; Šket, P.; Mühlbacher, ... (2018)
Stimuli-responsive thiol-epoxy networks with photo-switchable bulk and surface properties. In: RSC ADVANCES, vol. 8, pp. 41904-41914. ISSN 2046-2069
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