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Identifiers ORCID: 0000-0001-5383-7320
Scopus Author ID: 57190793843
WoS ResearcherID: F-3838-2012
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Research topics
  • purification of pharmaceutical downstreams by liquid chromatography
  • biomedical nanotechnologies: preparation and testing of active polymeric nanoparticles with modified surface to be used for tumour local therapy and diagnosis; controlled release of drugs
  • drying and freeze-drying: drying of pharmaceutical carriers at low temperature, freeze-drying process optimisation, in particular for pharmaceutical proteins. Development of new monitoring and control systems
  • dynamics and control of forced unsteady-state reactors: feasibility of the reverse-flow reactor and of the simulated-moving-bed (or ring-reactor network) for synthesis reactions and for the NOx abatement; investigation of the reactor dynamic behaviour and of possible control systems
  • investigation and modelling of turbulent reacting flows, and synthesis of nanostructured ceramic materials: development of new micromixing models, coupling of sub-grid models in CFD codes; experimental investigation of interaction between fast reactions and hydrodynamics both in homogeneous systems and in case of formation of a new phase (precipitation), also with variable rheology. Methods for the solution of population balances, and their coupling with CFD codes. Development of crystallisation, precipitation and flame synthesis processes. Process scale-up
  • catalytic combustion of waste gases and modelling of heterogeneous catalytic reactors: investigation of the mixture effects in the catalytic destruction of organic waste gases, and study of catalytic combustion with dynamic techniques; evaluation of the transport coefficients in the monolithic reactors; study of perovskite-type catalysts for low temperature destruction of chlorinated wastes. Development of innovative technologies: thermally stabilised catalytic combustors for the destruction of organic chlorinated wastes; forced unsteady state catalytic combustors for the destruction of lean and extra-lean waste gases.
  • mixing in multiphase systems: hydrodynamics of solid-liquid systems in stirred apparatus, mixing of granular solids
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PE8_2 - Chemical engineering, technical chemistry


Goal 3: Good health and well-being Goal 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure


Liofilizzazione Nano-carrier farmaceutici Processi dell'industria farmaceutica
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Awards and Honors

  • AFSIA Award for Excellence in Drying conferred by AFSIA e International Drying Symposium (2018)
  • Arun S. Mujumdar Medal conferred by International Drying Symposium (2021)

Editorial boards

  • PHARMACEUTICS (2022), Guest Editor of magazine or editorial series
  • PHARMACEUTICS (2020-), Editorial board member
  • FRONTIERS IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING (2019-), Associate Editor of magazine or editorial series
  • DRYING TECHNOLOGY (2018-), Other editorial activities


  • 9th European Conference on Drying (EuroDrying'2019)/ 7th European Federation of Chemical Engineering "Eurodrying'2019", Italia, 10-12/7/2019, Chairman of the organizing committee
  • 31st Meeting on Combustion/ The Italian Section of the Combustion Institute, Italia, 17-20/6/2008, Chairman of the organizing committee