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Emma ANGELINI, graduated in Chemistry at the University of Torino in 1975, actually works in the Department of Applied Science and Technology, where she was nominated in 1976 Assistant of Physical Chemistry at Politechnic of Torino, in 1985 Associate Professor of Chemistry in the Faculty of Engineering, Politechnic of Torino, in December 2003 Professor of Applied Physical Chemistry.

From 2021 she is President of the ICC-International Corrosion Council, from 2017 was Vice-President.

She teaches Chemistry in the courses of Electronic Engineering, and in the field of e-learning she recorded a course of Chemistry broadcasted by RAI NETTUNO SAT1 and RAI NETTUNO SAT2, by means of HotBird satellite of EUTELSAT. From 2021 she teaches in the Dental School. From 2012 she is Fellow of ASP (Alta Scuola Politecnica).

She is responsible for research projects on: i) protection of cultural heritage, ii) biomaterials to be employed in restorative dentistry, iii) innovative alloys for employments in electrocatalysis, iiii) surface modification of materials by low pressure plasmas. She performs activities on science divulgation with the Galileo Museum of Florence.

The scientific work is witnessed in more than 200 papers on:

1. Corrosion and protection of metallic materials: superficially treated steels, duplex stainless steels and sintered steels, amorphous and nanocrystalline alloys.

2. Plasma Chemistry: PECVD coatings for protection of metals, iron alloys, magnesium alloys.

3. Analysis, corrosion processes and restoration problems on archaeological artifacts: degradation processes on archaeological artifacts,composition, trace elements and lead isotopic ratio;

4.tailored strategies for restoration and conservation of bronzes; innovative plasma technologies for protection of metallic artefacts; EIS portable instrumentation for in situ evaluation of protective effectiveness of natural and artificial patinas.

5.Studies on biomaterials: dental materials; biodegradable alloys

Identifiers ORCID: 0000-0003-3414-7046
Scientific responsibilities and other assignments



  • IMEKO International Conference on Metrology for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage - MetroArcheo2016, Program chair

Other research or teaching roles outside Politecnico

  • Attivita' di insegnamento (art. 23 L. 240/10) at Universit√† Telematica Internazionale UNINETTUNO (27/5/2013-26/5/2016)
  • Attivita' di insegnamento (art. 23 L. 240/10) at Universit√† Telematica Internazionale UNINETTUNO (23/5/2013-22/5/2016)