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Member of Interdepartmental Center (PolitoBIOMed Lab - Biomedical Engineering Lab)

Most recent publications

Moretti, Manola; Limongi, Tania; Testi, Claudia; Milanetti, Edoardo; Teresa De Angelis, ... (2022)
Direct Visualization and Identification of Membrane Voltage-Gated Sodium Channels from Human iPSC-Derived Neurons by Multiple Imaging and Light Enhanced Spectroscopy. In: SMALL METHODS. ISSN 2366-9608
Limongi, Tania; Guzzi, Francesco; Parrotta, Elvira; Candeloro, Patrizio; Scalise, ... (2022)
Microfluidics for 3D Cell and Tissue Cultures: Microfabricative and Ethical Aspects Updates. In: CELLS, vol. 11. ISSN 2073-4409
Marini, Monica; Torre, Bruno; Allione, Marco; Limongi, Tania; Legittimo, Francesca; ... (2022)
Self-sieving DNA over superhydrophobic surfaces: a Raman spectroscopy study. In: JOURNAL OF RAMAN SPECTROSCOPY (ONLINE). ISSN 1097-4555
Lakshmanan, A.; Cheong, D. W.; Accardo, A.; Di Fabrizio, E.; Riekel, C.; Hauser, C. A. E. (2013)
Aliphatic peptides show similar self-assembly to amyloid core sequences, challenging the importance of aromatic interactions in amyloidosis. In: PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, vol. 110, pp. 519-524. ISSN 0027-8424
Dal Maschio, M.; Ghezzi, D.; Bony, G.; Alabastri, A.; Deidda, G.; Brondi, M.; Sato, S. ... (2012)
High-performance and site-directed in utero electroporation by a triple-electrode probe. In: NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, vol. 3. ISSN 2041-1723
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