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Most recent publications

Piatti, Erik (2021)
Ionic gating in metallic superconductors: A brief review. In: NANO EXPRESS, vol. 2. ISSN 2632-959X Download fulltext
Jagdale, P.; Nair, J. R.; Khan, A.; Armandi, M.; Meligrana, G.; Hernandez, F. R.; ... (2021)
Waste to life: Low-cost, self-standing, 2D carbon fiber green Li-ion battery anode made from end-of-life cotton textile. In: ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, vol. 368. ISSN 0013-4686
Romanin, Davide; Ummarino, Giovanni; Piatti, Erik (2021)
Migdal-Eliashberg theory of multi-band high-temperature superconductivity in field-effect-doped hydrogenated (111) diamond. In: APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE, vol. 536. ISSN 0169-4332
Piatti, E.; Daghero, D.; Ummarino, G. A.; Colangelo, M.; Romanin, D.; Medeiros, O.; ... (2020)
Control of bulk superconductivity via surface-bound electric fields in ion-gated niobium nitride thin films. In: Solid State Surfaces and Interfaces 2020, Smolenice, Slovak Republic, November 2326, 2020, pp. 67-69. ISBN: 978-80-223-5018-1 Download fulltext
Daghero, Dario; Piatti, Erik; Zhigadlo, Nikolai D.; Ummarino, Giovanni A.; Barbero, ... (2020)
Superconductivity of underdoped PrFeAs(O,F) investigated via point-contact spectroscopy and nuclear magnetic resonance. In: PHYSICAL REVIEW. B, vol. 102. ISSN 2469-9969 Download fulltext
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