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Cutolo, A.; Carotenuto, A. R.; Palumbo, S.; Bosia, F.; Pugno, N. M.; Fraldi, M. (2021)
Unveiling a new shear stress transfer mechanism in composites with helically wound hierarchical fibres. In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MECHANICAL SCIENCES, vol. 192. ISSN 0020-7403
Dal Poggetto, V. F.; Bosia, F.; Miniaci, M.; Pugno, N. M. (2021)
Band gap enhancement in periodic frames using hierarchical structures. In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SOLIDS AND STRUCTURES, vol. 216, pp. 68-82. ISSN 0020-7683
Kherraz, N.; Radzie('(n))ski, M.; Mazzotti, M.; Kudela, P.; Bosia, F.; Gliozzi, A. S.; ... (2021)
Experimental full wavefield reconstruction and band diagram analysis in a single-phase phononic plate with internal resonators. In: JOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION. ISSN 0022-460X
Di Bella, A.; Scalerandi, M.; Gliozzi, A. S.; Bosia, F. (2021)
Adhesion and plasticity in the dynamic response of rough surfaces in contact. In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SOLIDS AND STRUCTURES, vol. 216, pp. 17-29. ISSN 0020-7683
Bosia, Federico; Pugno, Nicola M (2020)
Editorial: Bioinspired wet and dry adhesion. In: BIOINSPIRATION & BIOMIMETICS, vol. 15. ISSN 1748-3190 Download fulltext
Signetti, Stefano; Bosia, Federico; Ryu, Seunghwa; Pugno, Nicola M. (2020)
A combined experimental/numerical study on the scaling of impact strength and toughness in composite laminates for ballistic applications. In: COMPOSITES. PART B, ENGINEERING. ISSN 1359-8368
Costagliola, Gianluca; Guarino, Roberto; Bosia, Federico; Gkagkas, Konstantinos; Pugno, ... (2020)
Evolutionary Algorithm Optimization of Staggered Biological or Biomimetic Composites Using the Random Fuse Model. In: PHYSICAL REVIEW APPLIED, vol. 13. ISSN 2331-7019 Download fulltext
Greco, G.; Bosia, F.; Tramacere, F.; Mazzolai, B.; Pugno, N. M. (2020)
The role of hairs in the adhesion of octopus suckers: a hierarchical peeling approach. In: BIOINSPIRATION & BIOMIMETICS, vol. 15. ISSN 1748-3190 Download fulltext
Costagliola, Gianluca; Bosia, Federico; Pugno, Nicola M (2020)
Random Fuse Model in the presence of self-healing. In: NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS, pp. 1-21. ISSN 1367-2630 Download fulltext
Bosia, F.; Pugno, N. M. (2019)
Materiali strutturali biologici e bioinspirati. In: Scienza Futura / S.N., Cagliari, Associazione ScienzaSocietàScienza, pp. 28-34 Download fulltext
Delsanto, P. P.; Gliozzi, A. S.; Bosia, F. (2008)
A comparison of different instances of phenomenological universalities. In: 9th WSEAS International Conference on Mathematics & Computers In Biology & Chemistry, Bucharest, Romania, June 24-26, 2008, pp. 36-41. ISBN: 9789606766756
Balta, J. A.; Bosia, F.; Michaud, V.; Dunkel, G.; Botsis, J.; Manson, J. -A. (2005)
Smart composites with embedded shape memory alloy actuators and fibre Bragg grating sensors: Activation and control. In: SMART MATERIALS AND STRUCTURES, vol. 14, pp. 457-465. ISSN 0964-1726 Download fulltext
Bosia, F.; Facchini, M.; Botsis, J.; Gmur, T.; De'Sena, D. (2004)
Through-the-thickness distribution of strains in laminated composite plates subjected to bending. In: COMPOSITES SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, vol. 64, pp. 71-82. ISSN 0266-3538
Botsis, J.; Bosia, F.; Gmuer, Th.; Facchini., M. (2002)
Optical Fibre Bragg Grating Sensors in Experimental Mechanics of Composite Laminated Plates. In: Recent Advances in Experimental Mechanics / S.N., NLD, Kluwer Academic Publishers, pp. 303-314. ISBN: 354067943X
Bosia, F.; Gmur, T.; Botsis, J. (2002)
Deformation characteristics of composite laminates- Part II: An experimental/numerical study on equivalent single-layer theories. In: COMPOSITES SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, vol. 62, pp. 55-66. ISSN 0266-3538
Bosia, F.; Botsis, J.; Facchini, M.; Giaccari, P. (2002)
Deformation characteristics of composite laminates- Part I: Speckle interferometry and embedded Bragg grating sensor measurements. In: COMPOSITES SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, vol. 62, pp. 41-54. ISSN 0266-3538
Mozhaev, V. G.; Bosia, F.; Weihnacht, M. (2001)
Effects of piezoelectricity on acoustic axes in crystals. In: ANNALES DE CHIMIE-SCIENCE DES MATERIAUX, vol. 26, pp. 59-62. ISSN 0151-9107
Mozhaev, V. G.; Bosia, F.; Weihnacht, M. (2001)
Oblique acoustic axes in trigonal crystals. In: JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL ACOUSTICS, vol. 9, pp. 1147-1161. ISSN 0218-396X
Bosia, F.; Facchini, M.; Botsis, J.; Gmuer, T. (2000)
Experimental Analysis of Composite Laminates Subjected to Bending. In: Interferometry in Speckle Light: Theory and Applications / S.N., DEU, SPRINGER-VERLAG, pp. 355-363. ISBN: 354067943X
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Funded research projects

Bio-Inspired Hierarchical MetaMaterials, (2020-2023) - Responsabile Scientifico

Ricerca UE (non commerciale). Progetti di Ricerca Europei


The technological development of a new class of bioinspired mechanical metamaterials – artificially designed materials with properties not found in nature – is the aim of the EU-funded BOHEME project. Drawing on research from various disciplines (from biology and mathematics to ocean engineering and materials science), it is assuming that the working principle behind metamaterials is already exploited in nature and that through evolution this has led to optimised designs for impact damping. BOHEME will take a disruptive approach for applications over various wavelength scales, from non-destructive testing to noise reduction to low-frequency vibration control (including seismic) to coastal protection or energy harvesting from ocean waves.






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