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+39 0110904334 / 4334 (DISAT)

Most recent publications

Caricato, A. P.; Martino, M.; Oceano, I.; Oliva, F.; Spagnolo, S.; Chiodini, G.; Bossi, ... (2022)
The physics program of the PADME experiment. In: PHYSICA SCRIPTA, vol. 97. ISSN 0031-8949
Spagnolo, Stefania; Caricato, A. P.; Martino, M.; Oceano, I.; Oliva, F.; Chiodini, G.; ... (2022)
Search for a Dark Photon with the PADME experiment. In: The European Physical Society Conference on High Energy Physics. ISSN 1824-8039
Ciraldo, I.; Cappuzzello, F.; Cavallaro, M.; Carbone, D.; Burrello, S.; Spatafora, A.; ... (2022)
Analysis of the one-neutron transfer reaction in O18+Se76 collisions at 275 MeV. In: PHYSICAL REVIEW C, vol. 105. ISSN 2469-9985
Alexander, J.; Bossi, F.; Buonomo, B.; Capirossi, V.; Caricato, A. P.; De Sangro, R.; Di ... (2021)
The PADME detector. In: PHYSICA SCRIPTA, vol. 96. ISSN 0031-8949
Agodi, C.; Cappuzzello, F.; Acosta, L.; Altana, C.; Amador-Valenzuela, P.; Auerbach, N.; ... (2020)
New Results from the NUMEN Project. In: 13th International Conference on Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions. ISBN: 4-89027-145-7
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