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Christensen, Dennis Valbjørn; Dittmann, Regina; Linares-Barranco, Bernabe; Sebastian, ... (2022)
2022 Roadmap on Neuromorphic Computing and Engineering. In: NEUROMORPHIC COMPUTING AND ENGINEERING. ISSN 2634-4386
Ricciardi, C.; Milano, G. (2022)
In Materia Should Be Used Instead of In Materio. In: FRONTIERS IN NANOTECHNOLOGY, vol. 4. ISSN 2673-3013
Milano, Gianluca; Enrique, Miranda; Ricciardi, Carlo (2022)
Connectome of memristive nanowire networks through graph theory. In: NEURAL NETWORKS, vol. 150, pp. 137-148. ISSN 0893-6080
Milano, G.; Boarino, L.; Valov, I.; Ricciardi, C. (2022)
Memristive devices based on single ZnO nanowires-from material synthesis to neuromorphic functionalities. In: SEMICONDUCTOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, vol. 37. ISSN 0268-1242
Milano, G.; Pedretti, G.; Montano, K.; Ricci, S.; Hashemkhani, S.; Boarino, L.; Ielmini, ... (2022)
In materia reservoir computing with a fully memristive architecture based on self-organizing nanowire networks. In: NATURE MATERIALS, vol. 21, pp. 195-202. ISSN 1476-1122
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