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Scalia, Alberto; Zaccagnini, Pietro; Armandi, Marco; Latini, Giulio; Versaci, Daniele; ... (2021)
Tragacanth gum as green binder for sustainable water-processable electrochemical capacitor. In: CHEMSUSCHEM, vol. 14, pp. 356-362. ISSN 1864-5631 Download fulltext
Davarpanah, Elahe; Hernández, Simelys; Latini, Giulio; Pirri, Candido Fabrizio; ... (2020)
Enhanced CO2 Absorption in Organic Solutions of Biobased Ionic Liquids. In: ADVANCED SUSTAINABLE SYSTEMS. ISSN 2366-7486 Download fulltext
Buffo, Giulio; Latini, Giulio; Bocchini, Sergio; Lanzini, Andrea; Santarelli, Massimo; ... (2019)
Energy performance of carbon capture with ionic liquids. In: 4th Energy for Sustainability International Conference - Designing a Sustainable Future (EFS 2019), Torino (IT), 24-26 luglio 2019, pp. 48-48. ISBN: 978-989-54499-0-3 Download fulltext
Latini, G.; Signorile, M.; Crocellà, V.; Bocchini, S.; Pirri, C. F.; Bordiga, S. (2019)
Unraveling the CO2 reaction mechanism in bio-based amino-acid ionic liquids by operando ATR-IR spectroscopy. In: CATALYSIS TODAY. ISSN 0920-5861
Dani, Alessandro; Crocellà, Valentina; Latini, Giulio; Bordiga, Silvia (2018)
Porous Ionic Liquid Materials. In: Polymerized Ionic Liquids / Ali Eftekhari, S.L., RSC, pp. 23-82. ISBN: 978-1-78262-960-3
Latini, Giulio; Bocchini, Sergio; Crocellà, Valentina; Signorile, Matteo; Pirri, ... (2017)
Amino-acid based task-specific ionic liquid for CO2 capture. In: Merck Young Chemists Symposium - XVII edition, Milano Marittima (Italy), 13-15/11/2017, pp. 60-60. ISBN: 978-88-86208-89-5 Download fulltext
Bocchini, Sergio; Castro, Carlos; Cocuzza, Matteo; Ferrero, Sergio; Latini, Giulio; ... (2017)
The virtuous CO2 circle or the three cs: Capture, cache, and convert. In: JOURNAL OF NANOMATERIALS, vol. 2017, pp. 1-14. ISSN 1687-4110 Download fulltext
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