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Presidente Commissione per le strategie per lo sviluppo dell'Ateneo (Commissione per le strategie per lo sviluppo dell'Ateneo)
President (Board of Governors)
President (Academic Senate)

+39 0110904654 / 4654 (DISAT)

+39 0131229357 (DISAT)

Patents and other Intellectual properties

Biosensori enzimatici per applicazioni ambientali (ELECTROCHEMICAL BIOSENSOR FOR THE DETECTION OF PHOTOSYNTHETIC HERBICIDES). National patent

Priority number(s): 102021000021668


Surface coatings for flame resistant polymer foams. National and international patent

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This invention deals with an innovatory solution for the production of flame resistant polymer foams. The foams self-extinguish after exposure to a small flame, show no ignition or very low heat release rates during forced combustion tests and can withstand the penetration of a flame, while maintaining thermal insulation.

Uso di allumino-fosfati contenenti metalli di transazione (ME-APO-N) per la scissione (splitting) termica dell'acqua in condizione molto blande. National patent

Priority number(s): 2011IT-TO00895


Microcelle a combustibile planari e flessibili a elevata superficie di scambio. National and international patent

Priority number(s): 2009IT-MI01270


Procedimento di sintesi 'in situ' di ossidi micro e nanostrutturati su di un supporto poroso. National and international patent

Priority number(s): 2005IT-TO00080