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Visiting Staff - Borsa di studio per attivitĂ  di ricerca non tassata
Adjunct Professor

Most recent publications

Vigna, Lorenzo (2022)
Chemiresistive devices for room-temperature gas sensing applications: from loaded and intrinsically conductive polymers to layered double hydroxides. relatore: COCUZZA, MATTEO; PIRRI, Candido; SANGERMANO, MARCO; , 34. XXIV Ciclo, P.: 291
Vigna, L.; Gottschalk, M.; Cacocciola, N.; Verna, A.; Marasso, S. L.; Seeger, S.; Pirri, ... (2022)
Flexible and reusable parylene C mask technology for applications in cascade impactor air quality monitoring systems. In: MICRO AND NANO ENGINEERING, vol. 14. ISSN 2590-0072
Vigna, Lorenzo; Nigro, Arianna; Verna, Alessio; Vito Ferrari, Ivan; Marasso, SIMONE ... (2021)
Layered Double Hydroxide-Based Gas Sensors for VOC Detection at Room Temperature. In: ACS OMEGA, vol. 6, pp. 20205-20217. ISSN 2470-1343
Vigna, L.; Verna, A.; Marasso, S. L.; Sangermano, M.; D’Angelo, P.; Pirri, F. C.; ... (2021)
The Effects Of Secondary Doping On Ink-Jet Printed PEDOT:PSS Gas Sensors For VOCs and NO2 Detection. In: SENSORS AND ACTUATORS. B, CHEMICAL, vol. 345. ISSN 0925-4005
Vigna, L.; Gottschalk, M.; Cara, E.; Ferrarese-Lupi, F.; Verna, A.; Marasso, S. L.; ... (2021)
Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence Reference Materials for Cascade Impactor Air Quality Monitoring Systems. In: 12 International Conference on Instrumental Methods of Analysis Modern Trends and Applications (IMA2021), Athens, 20-23 September 2021, pp. 11767.12-11767.13. ISSN 2076-3417
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