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Lupone, F.; Padovano, E.; Pietroluongo, M.; Giudice, S.; Ostrovskaya, O.; Badini, C. (2021)
Optimization of selective laser sintering process conditions using stable sintering region approach. In: EXPRESS POLYMER LETTERS, vol. 15, pp. 177-192. ISSN 1788-618X Download fulltext
Pietroluongo, Mario (2020)
Mechanical recycling of polimer-based composites. relatore: BADINI, CLAUDIO FRANCESCO; , 32. XXXII Ciclo, P.: 130 Download fulltext
Badini, C.; Padovano, E.; De Camillis, R.; Lambertini, V. G.; Pietroluongo, M. (2020)
Preferred orientation of chopped fibers in polymer-based composites processed by selective laser sintering and fused deposition modeling: Effects on mechanical properties. In: JOURNAL OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE. ISSN 0021-8995 Download fulltext
Pietroluongo, Mario; Padovano, Elisa; Frache, Alberto; Badini, Claudio (2020)
Mechanical recycling of an end-of-life automotive composite component. In: SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS AND TECHNOLOGIES, vol. 23. ISSN 2214-9937
Caradonna, Andrea; Badini, Claudio; Padovano, Elisa; Pietroluongo, Mario (2019)
Electrical and Thermal Conductivity of Epoxy-Carbon Filler Composites Processed by Calendaring. In: MATERIALS, vol. 12, pp. 1522-1538. ISSN 1996-1944 Download fulltext
Caradonna, Andrea; Badini, Claudio; Padovano, Elisa; Veca, Antonino; De Meo, Enea; ... (2019)
Laser Treatments for Improving Electrical Conductivity and Piezoresistive Behavior of Polymer–Carbon Nanofiller Composites. In: MICROMACHINES, vol. 10. ISSN 2072-666X Download fulltext
Saboori, Abdollah; Pietroluongo, M.; Pavese, Matteo; Badini, CLAUDIO FRANCESCO; Fino, ... (2016)
Influence of Graphene nanoplatelets (GNPs) on compressibility and sinterability of Al matrix nanocomposites prepared by powder metallurgy. In: WordPM2016, Congress and exhebition, 4 days, 9-13 October 2016
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