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Giardino, Matteo; Balestra, Valentina; Marini, Paola; Janner, DAVIDE LUCA; Bellopede, ... (2022)
A NOVEL TECHNIQUE FOR AUTOMATED DETECTION, COUNT AND MEASUREMENT OF MICROPLASTICS. In: International Conference on Microplastic Pollution in the Mediterranean Sea, Naples 25-28 September 2022, Napoli, 25-28 September 2022. ISBN: 978 88 8080 359 1
Alberghini, Matteo; Morciano, Matteo; Giardino, Matteo; Perrucci, Francesco; Scaltrito, ... (2022)
Textured and Rigid Capillary Materials for Passive Energy‐Conversion Devices. In: ADVANCED MATERIALS INTERFACES. ISSN 2196-7350
Giardino, Matteo; Tiano, Andrea; Baietto, Oliviero; Janner, DAVIDE LUCA; Bellopede, ... (2022)
An Integrated Microscopy And Spectroscopy Approach For The Characterization Of Air Particulate Matter. In: EGU GeneralAssembly 2022, Vienna, Maggio 2022
Giardino, Matteo; Pugliese, Diego; Janner, Davide (2021)
Glass and Glass–Ceramic Photonic Materials for Sensors. In: Ceramics, Glass and Glass-Ceramics / S.N., S.L., Springer, pp. 253-280. ISBN: 978-3-030-85775-2
Giardino, Matteo; Pugliese, Diego; Janner, DAVIDE LUCA (2020)
Gold nanostructured surface for the detection of contaminants in water. In: Italian Conference on Optics and Photonics, Parma, 08-11 Settembre 2020
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