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Scordo, Giorgio; Bertana, Valentina; Ballesio, Alberto; Carcione, Rocco; Marasso, Simone ... (2021)
Effect of Volatile Organic Compounds Adsorption on 3D-Printed {PEGDA}:{PEDOT} for Long-Term Monitoring Devices. In: NANOMATERIALS, vol. 11. ISSN 2079-4991 Download fulltext
Manachino, Matteo; Periolatto, Monica; Catania, Felice; Scaltrito, Luciano; Pirri, ... (2020)
Miniaturization and Optimization of the Standard Spectrophotometric Analysis for Autonomous, Continuous and On-site Heavy Metal Detection in Water. In: CHEMICAL ENGINEERING TRANSACTIONS, vol. 82, pp. 181-186. ISSN 2283-9216 Download fulltext
Periolatto, Monica; Catania, Felice; Manachino, Matteo; Scaltrito, Luciano; Pirri, ... (2020)
Direct Online Environment Monitoring of Water Pollution. In: CHEMICAL ENGINEERING TRANSACTIONS, vol. 82, pp. 193-198. ISSN 2283-9216 Download fulltext
Bertana, Valentina; Scordo, Giorgio; Manachino, Matteo; Romano, Stefano; Gomez Gomez, ... (2020)
3D Printed Active Objects based on the Promising PEDOT: PSS Resin: Investigation of their Integration inside an Electronic Circuit. In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY, vol. 13, pp. 462-469. ISSN 0974-3154 Download fulltext
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