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Visiting Staff - Borsa di studio per attività di ricerca non tassata
Adjunct Professor

Most recent publications

Kianfar, P.; Bongiovanni, R.; Ameduri, B.; Vitale, A. (2022)
Electrospinning of Fluorinated Polymers: Current State of the Art on Processes and Applications. In: POLYMER REVIEWS, pp. 1-73. ISSN 1558-3724
Kianfar, Parnian (2022)
Nanofibrous polymeric membranes by coupling electrospinning and photo-induced crosslinking. relatore: BONGIOVANNI, ROBERTA MARIA; VITALE, ALESSANDRA; , 34. XXIV Ciclo, P.: 191
Fredi, Giulia; Kianfar, Parnian; Dalle Vacche, Sara; Pegoretti, Alessandro; Vitale, ... (2021)
Electrospun Shape-Stabilized Phase Change Materials Based on Photo-Crosslinked Polyethylene Oxide. In: POLYMERS, vol. 13. ISSN 2073-4360
Kianfar, Parnian; Vitale, Alessandra; Dalle Vacche, Sara; Bongiovanni, Roberta (2021)
Enhancing properties and water resistance of PEO-based electrospun nanofibrous membranes by photo-crosslinking. In: JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE, vol. 56, pp. 1879-1896. ISSN 0022-2461
Kianfar, Parnian; Vitale, Alessandra; Soulestin, Thibaut; Ameduri, Bruno; Ladmiral, ... (2020)
Electrospinning of PVDF-based copolymers. In: 5th International Conference on Bioinspired and Biobased Chemistry and Materials, pp. 199-199
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