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Capelli, R.; Muniz-Miranda, F.; Pavan, G. M. (2022)
Ephemeral ice-like local environments in classical rigid models of liquid water. In: THE JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS, vol. 156. ISSN 0021-9606
Ahmad, Katya; Rizzi, Andrea; Capelli, Riccardo; Mandelli, Davide; Lyu, Wenping; Carloni, ... (2022)
Enhanced-Sampling Simulations for the Estimation of Ligand Binding Kinetics: Current Status and Perspective. In: FRONTIERS IN MOLECULAR BIOSCIENCES, vol. 9. ISSN 2296-889X
Hoang, Linh Gia; Go├čen, Jonas; Capelli, Riccardo; Nguyen, Toan T.; Sun, Zhaoxi; Zuo, Ke; ... (2022)
Multiple Poses and Thermodynamics of Ligands Targeting Protein Surfaces: The Case of Furosemide Binding to mitoNEET in Aqueous Solution. In: FRONTIERS IN CELL AND DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY, vol. 10. ISSN 2296-634X
Koner, Kalipada; Karak, Shayan; Kandambeth, Sharath; Karak, Suvendu; Thomas, Neethu; ... (2022)
Porous covalent organic nanotubes and their assembly in loops and toroids. In: NATURE CHEMISTRY. ISSN 1755-4330
Empereur-mot, Charly; Capelli, Riccardo; Perrone, Mattia; Caruso, Cristina; Doni, ... (2022)
Automatic multi-objective optimization of coarse-grained lipid force fields using SwarmCG. In: THE JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS, vol. 156. ISSN 0021-9606
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