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Moncada Quintero, C. W.; Ercolino, G.; Specchia, S. (2022)
Combined silicon carbide and zirconia open cell foams for the process intensification of catalytic methane combustion in lean conditions: impact on heat and mass transfer. In: CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL, vol. 429. ISSN 1385-8947
Fuziki, M. E. K.; Brackmann, R.; Dias, D. T.; Tusset, A. M.; Specchia, S.; Lenzi, G. G. (2021)
Effects of synthesis parameters on the properties and photocatalytic activity of the magnetic catalyst TiO2/CoFe2O4 applied to selenium photoreduction. In: JOURNAL OF WATER PROCESS ENGINEERING, vol. 42. ISSN 2214-7144 Download fulltext
Karam, L.; Miglio, A.; Specchia, S.; El Hassan, N.; Massiani, P.; Reboul, J. (2021)
PET waste as organic linker source for the sustainable preparation of MOF-derived methane dry reforming catalysts. In: MATERIALS ADVANCES, vol. 2, pp. 2750-2758. ISSN 2633-5409 Download fulltext
Castiblanco Jimenez, Ivonne Angelica; Mauro, Stefano; Napoli, Domenico; Marcolin, ... (2021)
Design Thinking as a Framework for the Design of a Sustainable Waste Sterilization System: The Case of Piedmont Region, Italy. In: ELECTRONICS, vol. 10. ISSN 2079-9292 Download fulltext
Specchia, S. (2021)
Structured catalysts for natural gas reforming. In: 12th International Conference on Hydrogen Production (ICH2P-2021), online, 19-23/09/2021, pp. 1-1
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