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Barberis, T.; Yolbarsop, A.; Porcelli, F. (2022)
Vertical displacement oscillatory modes in tokamak plasmas. In: JOURNAL OF PLASMA PHYSICS, vol. 88. ISSN 0022-3778
Barberis, T.; Porcelli, F.; Yolbarsop, A. (2022)
Fast-ion-driven vertical modes in magnetically confined toroidal plasmas. In: NUCLEAR FUSION, vol. 62. ISSN 0029-5515
Porcelli, F; Yolbarsop, A; Barberis, T.; Fitzpatrick, R. (2021)
Resonant Axisymmetric Modes. In: JOURNAL OF PHYSICS. CONFERENCE SERIES, vol. 1785. ISSN 1742-6588
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