Technology Laboratory

Type Research laboratory
Site Techonological center of Alessandria: code AL_MIC01 XPTE E005
Phone +39 0131 229341/19
Dimension 135 mq
  • DSM microcompounder
  • Brabender internal mixer
  • Collin P200T heated plates hydraulic press
  • Gibitre heated plates hydraulic press
  • Sandretto 50t injection mulding press
  • Babyplast micro-injection moulding press
  • Corotating twin screw 18 mm extruder Leistritz with gravimetric feeders and cutter
  • Single screw extruder with cast and blown film accessories
  • Piovan pellets drying system
  • Piovan Mill
  • Radwag load cell
  • ATS Faar melt flow index
  • Retsch ZM200 mill
  • CNC milling machine Cortini M500
  • CNC lathe Cortini F120
  • Tornio parallelo MORANDO manuale
  • Lapidello LTF manuale