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The study of chemical and chemical-physical foundations of materials such as metal oxides, microporous and mesoporous systems (e.g. zeolites, carbon materials, imogolite nanotubes, mesoporous silicas and MOFs), of their properties and extent of applications in Catalysis, Energy field, and gas adsorption field are the main scientific interests cultivated during my path to professional growth. I conduct research at the intersection of chemistry, materials science, and chemical engineering.

Born as IR spectrosopist, focusing on the characterization of catalyst surface by means of probe molecules adsorption, I later on deepened the use of this technique by applying the Variable Temperature IR (VT-IR) Spectroscopy in thermodynamic studies of adsorption processes (e.g. H2 or CH4 storage and CO2 capture). The paramount importance of the porous architecture of the investigated materials prompted me to deepen the knowledge of the theories underlying the experimental techniques of gases adsorption.

More recently I focused attention on materials for Energy conversion and storage, being interested in both catalytic and electrochemical aspects of this field. In this context, i carried out:

- The study of novel non-noble catalysts for water oxidation and oxygen reduction reactions. The former is recognized as a bottleneck for the realization of the “artificial leaf” (i.e. sun-light-driven water splitting for H2 production). The latter is one of the most important and critical reactions in energy conversion systems such as fuel cells.

- The study of carbon based systems for Energy storage applications (Li-Batteries, Electrochemical double layer capacitors, Supercapacitors).

The breadth of my expertise in materials synthesis, characterization, and application allows me to provide materials related solutions and expertise useful in the organization of research projects, and to establish fruitful collaborations with italian and foreign research groups.

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