Institute of Chemistry

The Institute of Chemistry provides research and education in the field of chemistry. Most of the educational duties of its members are devoted to teach the incoming students (approximately 4000/year) via ex cathedra lesson and practice sessions as well as lab experiments in the so called “Chemistry Wing” 
A variety of research topics are carried out by the different groups hosting the Institute members and particularly:

i) CHENERGY (energy storage, artificial and natural photosynthesis, graphene-based innovative nanocomposites, electrochemistry, surface science and catalysis, etc.);

ii) POLYMAT (advanced functional polymer coatings; phase-change materials; surface modification of textiles; etc.);

iii) SMAC (acid-base catalysis; adsorption media for chromatographic and aerospace applications; pharmaceutics synthesis; etc.)

iv) SPA (food quality, safety, process monitoring, smart packaging, ecc.)