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Full Professor

Head of Department (Department of Applied Science and Technology)
Member (Comitato di Ateneo per la ricerca, il trasferimento tecnologico ed i servizi al territorio)
Member of Interdepartmental Center (IAM@PoliTo - Integrated Additive Manufacturing)
Rector’s Advisor for the Mondovì campus

+39 0110904618 / 4618 (DISAT)

+39 0110904793 / 4793 (DISAT)

Most cited publications

Biamino, Sara; Penna, Andrea; Ackelid, U.; Sabbadini, S.; Tassa, O.; Fino, Paolo; ... (2011)
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Saboori, Abdollah; Gallo, Donato; Biamino, Sara; Fino, Paolo; Lombardi, Mariangela (2017)
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Fino, Debora; Fino, Paolo; Saracco, Guido; Specchia, Vito (2003)
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Martena, M.; Botto, Daniele; Fino, Paolo; Sabbadini, S.; Gola, Muzio; Badini, CLAUDIO ... (2006)
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Cabrini, Marina; Lorenzi, Sergio; Pastore, Tommaso; Pellegrini, Simone; Manfredi, DIEGO ... (2016)
Evaluation of corrosion resistance of Al-10Si-Mg alloy obtained by means of Direct Metal Laser Sintering. In: JOURNAL OF MATERIALS PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY, vol. 231, pp. 326-335. ISSN 0924-0136
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