Boards and Referents


The Department has boards to manage specific areas of interest. In detail

  • STRATEGIC PLANNING BOARD : the mission of the Commission is mainly to manage the personnel (new entries and potential career advancements for teaching and research staff, with the launch of dedicated competitions following the ministerial organic points provided by the University) and huge scientific equipment (new purchases and implementations on existing set-ups). This management is aimed at reinforcing research lines or creating new ones, considered strategic for the Department. The aforementioned management materializes subsequently with proposals in the Department Council.

      Contact person: prof. Paolo Fino - prof. Fabrizio Giorgis


  • SPACE AND LOGISTIC MANAGEMENT BOARD  :  the mission of the board is to meet the needs of the Department in space management and logistics in accordance with the directives of the University Building Offices. In detail, it has the task of formulating the rules for the distribution and management of spaces and logistic resources, for defining the priorities of the work to be carried out in compliance with the assigned   budget, and also has the task of managing the normal administration regarding the movement of laboratories, setting up spaces and offices, adaptation of laboratories, gas management and planning and request for building activities etc ...). 

        Contact person: prof. Antonello Barresi


  • LIBRARY BOARD : the mission of the board is to evaluate the purchases and possible disposals of the departmental library material and decide on subscriptions to scientific journals.

       Contact person: prof. Marco Vanni

  • RESEARCH BOARD : the mission of the board is
    • carry out a timely survey of the research carried out in the individual institutes,
    • propose, where possible, collaboration activities between the various research units,
    • facilitate the prompt dissemination of information on funding opportunities regional, national, European, and international relevant to the activity of the department.

      Furthermore, the commission was consulted on the occasion of presentations of the department's research activities during the meeting with the managers of the European Space Agency (ESA), for the definition of common research strategies. 

         Contact person: prof. Andrea Pagnani


Contact Persons