How to: E-mail and contacts

Below are the Department's institutional e-mail addresses to contact for information on administrative and technical activities of the Department

support activities for the submission, management and reporting of externally funded research projects, including audits/certification of reported costs;
support activities for project budget forecast management;
support activities for the definition of confidentiality agreements (nda) concerning project activities, agreements within funded projects (ATS, Consortium Agreement, collaboration agreements, etc.);
support activities for the submission of project proposals: support for budget drafting, forms and possible agreements;
support activities for submission of patent applications.

support activities for the definition, negotiation and management of collaborative agreements and contracts of a commercial nature with companies;
support activities for the management of requests for contributions to be disbursed or received from external entities;
support activities for the definition of confidentiality agreements (nda) that will lead to the signing of commercial contracts;
support activities for submitting applications for participation in third-party entities pursuant to University policy.

Activities relating to general and analytical accounting; budgets; management and audits of research and teaching projects (management of receipts and various transfers); paperwork relating to registration for Conferences, Conferences and Workshops; paperwork relating to payment of individual membership fees to associations or bodies in general of a scientific nature; remuneration of structured staff

Administrative activities relating to requests for the purchase of goods and services under Italian Legislative Decree 50/2016

Activities related to passive invoicing,

Administrative activities related to DISAT's degree and doctorate courses; front-office for students; support to lecturers for teaching activities; administrative support for agreements for national and international internships

Support activities for the organisation of teaching laboratories

Administrative activities relating to: teaching and research staff, research grants, scholarships for research activities, activation of doctoral scholarships, occasional collaborations, contracts and assignments for conferences and seminars; staff from outside the Department (guests), management of related files for the DISAT governing bodies

General secretarial activities; courier dispatch; protocol; support for access keys to DISAT meeting rooms and lecture halls; collection of mission files; management of authorisations for working lunches and dinners; management of files relating to the payment of individual membership fees to associations or bodies in general of a scientific nature

Management of registration practices for Conferences, Conferences and Workshops with national and foreign intra and extra-EU transfers

Support to DISAT users for IT hw., sw, data networks and telephony; support in defining technical requirements to meet IT needs for the purpose of submitting requests for the purchase of goods and services of an IT nature

To be used to request interventions necessary for the maintenance of DISAT spaces and to report failures or malfunctions.

Technical and administrative support activities for the management of departmental assets

Laboratory activities (analysis and testing) with scientific equipment related to microscopy 

Dossier management for DISAT governing bodies 

To contact the DISAT Building Commission 

To contact the DISAT Security Commission  

To send notifications to all research technicians 

To send notifications to all staff technicians 

Activities related to: handling/moving of goods, disposal of furniture and inventory operations; badge qualification for entry to the Department and issue of guest cards; security tests for access to laboratories; information related to the receipt and delivery of incoming goods/packages; dispatch of postal correspondence.