Microwave Characterization and Magnetic Susceptibility Laboratory

Characterization of the high-frequency electromagnetic properties and magnetic susceptibility of materials and devices.
Available techniques span from magnetometry/susceptometry (frequency range dc-10kHz, room temperature), to the determination of the complex permittivity and permeability at high frequencies (microwaves, room temperature), through measurements with a vector network analizer, to the microwave characterization of materials and devices at cryogenic temperatues (4.2-300K), by means of a He-flow cryostat.
The lab is also equipped with optical microscopes and tools for the preparation of the samples.

Type Research laboratory
Site Main structure: code TOCEN03XSB022
Phone +39 011 090 7317
Dimension 26 mq
  • Microwave Characterization Apparatus equipped with:
    • Vector Network Analyzer (10 MHz – 40 GHz)e
    • Sources (2 - 20 GHz) and spectrum analyzer (0.1 - 22 GHz)
    • He-cryostat (T = 3.8 K – 300 K)
  • Electric Transport Apparatus (in magnetic field), with rotator system
  • Ac Susceptometer / Dc magnetometer
  • Electromagnets