Department labs

DISAT Department is characterized by a large number of experimental training laboratories, business services testing and research.

For the training, we note:

  • The Chemistry Wing laboratories (400 sqm), where the experimental exercises of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
    • The Chemistry Wing application
  • Physics Physics laboratories where the Physics I and Physics II exercises take place, and nanotechnology and atomic force microscopy didactics laboratories
    • Basic physical education laboratory
  • Test materials laboratories, where students experiment with material analysis techniques.
    • Mechanical testing laboratory application 

It is estimated that more than 5000 students attend these laboratories every year.

For the business services, the department has:

Two chemical analysis laboratories run by technical staff and predominantly dedicated to third party service
A center for mechanical and electrical characterization of materials at the Alessandria headquarters
A series of laboratories where large material characterization equipment (electronic microscopes, X-ray diffractometers, XPS spectroscopy, ICP-mass analyzers, etc.)  for internal and third-party use.

For research, the department has about 100 additional laboratories distributed as follows:

  • Over 80 laboratories at the headquarters of the department in Torino, interested in all its cultural components: chemistry, physics, chemical engineering and materials engineering. Three labs dedicated to ERC projects (Boot Lan - Troian Nano Horse Lab - INTHERM) have also recently been set up.
  • 15 laboratories at the department office in Alessandria, predominantly dedicated to the science and technology of materials (goldsmith metallurgy, plastics).
  • 4 laboratories at the  headquarters in Biella dedicated to the development of textile products
  • A large workshop at Chivasso for the development of (nano) materials for electronics and thin films.

Didactical Laboratories

Research Department Laboratories

Research Laboratories