Laboratory of Mechanical characterization

The main activities of the laboratory involve the mechanical characterization of metallic materials through tensile/flexural/compressive tests and impact tests. The laboratory is equipped for the preparation of metallographic samples with a hot embedding system and automatic or manual polishers.

Type Research laboratory
Site Technical center of Alessandria: code Al_MIC01;XPTE C 005
Phone 0131 229360
Dimension 80 mq
  • Climatic test chamber ESPEC ARS-0390E
  • Pendulum impact tester-Charpy Zwick Roell B513E (50J)
  • Pendulum impact tester-Charpy Zwick Roell RKP 450 (300 - 450J) 
  • Universal testing machine Zwick Roell BT1-FR100 (with makro extensometer & cliamtic chamber -80°/+280°C)
  • Manual polishing machines Hergon MP 200V
  • Automatic polishing machine Presi Mecatech 234
  • Hot mounting press Hargon MI-30
  • Optical microscope Leica LABORLUX 12 ME ST
  • CNC Machine CORTINI M500