Public Engagement

As part of the Public Engagement, the DISAT professors organize numerous activities, putting specific knowledge and skills into common factor and thus favoring the efficiency of scientific dissemination actions for the benefit of the community, not only scientific but also industrial and in general social.

The professors organize conferences, seminars, workshops on topics of general interest at the Department and also participate in conferences, also of an international nature to share knowledge and expertise in the scientific community.

During the last two years DISAT has been the promoter of two major international conferences on topics of scientific interest with social implications such as sustainability in the drying sector (Eurodrying2019) and the development of ceramic materials (CIEC16).

The participation of DISAT in numerous national and European research associations or bodies is numerous, allowing teachers to actively participate in international research networks to promote the transfer of knowledge and the consolidation of scientific relationships with other colleagues from other universities or international research centers.

DISAT is also present, with Prof. ssa Debora Fino, within the Green Team, the team destined to lead the PoliTO towards the university sustainability mission, as stated in the Horizon 2020 strategic plan: a global integration of sustainability in the university research, teaching, information and activities that prepare students, faculty and staff to be sustainability leaders.