Technological Transfer

The sphere of action of the Third Mission, originally limited to technology transfer, has progressively evolved and expanded with a view to establishing an "open, permeable campus, attentive to the quality of life and inclusive that, by promoting a continuous dialogue with society and the territory is able not only to develop technologies, but to favor and demonstrate positive applications inspired by sustainable development".

In this sense, DISAT plays a strategic role in the integrated processes of development of the socio-economic system, becoming a reference structure of Politecnico for the engineering application in the field of matter physics and fundamental interactions, of nanotechnologies, of the chemistry, materials science, metallurgy, failure analysis of structural components, as well as chemical, physical, materials and food engineering.

Alongside the already consolidated consultancy/research activity in traditional sectors (sustainable chemistry, innovative processes and materials, applications for industry), research/consultancy activities have been added to innovative sectors (nanotechnologies, also applied to the biomedical sector, additive manufacturing, electrochemistry, applied in particular on new generation low-impact materials)

In addition to research commissioned by companies, research activity commissioned by public bodies is also important, particularly in the defense and security sectors on land and sea.

DISAT's patent portfolio is largely focused on pharmaceutical technologies (and processes), materials for sensorial and biomedical applications.

To ensure support for significant initiatives of collaboration with entrepreneurial realities and the promotion of industrial exploitation of research results, technical support actions have been consolidated to keep the department's website constantly updated with the scientific information of interest to the numerous stakeholders (from the industrial and public sectors but also from the academic sector)

The DISAT website provides the institutional address - - ​​to which the administrative staff of the Department dedicated to providing support, both for the DISAT professors and for the companies that intend to activate a collaboration with the Department, for all aspects related to the research activity in the broadest sense of this term. The administrative staff also supports the delegate of the Director of Technology Transfer, prof. Fabrizio Giorgis, an effective interface between the demand from the companies and the groups operating within the Department.

The DISAT is represented through the delegate of the Director for technology transfer:

  • within the TTLAB (Interdepartmental Laboratory for Technology Transfer) whose purpose and the interdisciplinary field of action are aimed at developing the capacity to exploit and exploit research results with an impact on the local socio-economic fabric and orientation towards internationalization ;
  • within the Patent Commission and spin-offs

Third-party Laboratories