Electrochemistry lab2 - Li-ion technologies Laboratory/Post Li-ion technologies

Laboratory composed by 2 different areas devoted to: Li-ion technologies; Post Li-ion technologies, mainly Li/S and Li/air batteries.

The laboratory is equipped with 3 glove boxes in controlled atmosphere Dry room 10m2 (SOIMAR) for preparation of electrodes and cell assembly in controlled atmosphere, 3 modular glove boxes (2 gloves and 4 gloves in stainless steel, 1200x900x725mm, vacuum pump 21m3/h model MBRAUN), dryers Buchi, B-585, film deposition (Noselab ATS), Arbin battery testers MODEL BT2000 (8, 16 channels and 32 channels connected to Gamry impedance analyzer)
Biologic 092-11/2e: Potentiostat/galvanostat board with EIS(/Z) option e type for VSP3e (8 channels with Booster), Climate Chamber Binder (56L)

Type Research laboratory
Site Main structure: code TOCEN04XP01A083
Phone +39 011 0904688
Dimension 54 mq e 23 mq
  • Battery Test Equipment 16 channels (Arbin Instruments)
  • Mass Flow Controller, 4 Mass Flow (Brooks Instruments)
  • Electrochemical Workstation (CH Instruments)
  • Vacuum Line
  • Glove-Box 4 gloves (Unilab SP / MBraun)
  • Glove-Box 2 gloves (Mbraun)
  • Vacuum pump (Varian)
  • Vacuum pump ( Büchi)
  • 2 Glass Oven B-585 (Büchi)
  • 2 ovens (Memmert UN55)
  • Automatic Film Applicator 1133N (Sheen)
  • Tubular oven (Carbolite)
  • standard precision scale (Ohaus)
  • analytical scale (Radwag kern 770)
  • Glovebox (Iteco Engineering)
  • Hood ( Typhon Twin / Labosystem)
  • Safetybox for acids and bases
  • Safetybox for flammable solvents