Lyophilization Laboratory- LYOLAB

The research activity regards freeze-drying for pharmaceutical and food applications, with particular focus on the design, optimization, and scale-up of freeze-drying cycles.

Type Research laboratory
Site Main structure: code TOCEN04XPTEA050
Phone +39 011 0905349
Dimension 40 mq
  • Pilot-scale freeze-dryer (LyoBeta 25, AzbilTelstar) equipped with in-line sampling device and temperature monitoring system (T-type thermocouples, Tersid), pressure sensor (Baratron 626A, MKS Instruments) and humidity sensor (hygrometer MMS35 Panametrics, GE Sensing)
  • TDLAS system (Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy, LaserGas II SP, Neomonitors)
  • Pilot-scale freeze-dryer (REVO®, Millrock Technology, Inc.) equipped with temperature monitoring system (T-type thermocouples, Tersid) and pressure sensor (Baratron 626A, MKS Instruments)
  • Lab-scale freeze-dryer (MicroFD®, Millrock Technology, Inc.)
  • Thermal imaging camera (FLIR, A35 model, IMC Services s.r.l.)
  • Spray-freeze drying set-up
  • Fume hood