Solar Fuels Laboratory

The main goal is to develop, optimize and scale-up photo- & electro-catalytic systems (catalysts & reactors) from TRL2 to TRL5 for water splitting (H2 production), CO2 reduction (Fuels & Chemicals) and wastes valorisation. It is equipped with instruments for electrodes and membrane-electrode assembly preparation and their testing in batch or flow cells under different operative conditions (electrolytes, gas and liquid flow rates, pH, temperature and pressure). The research is supported by modelling and feasibility studies

Type Research laboratory
Site Main structure: code TOCEN04XP02A036
Dimension 25 mq
  • Xe Arc Lamp (Oriel Newport) with AM 1.5G filter and IR-water filter
  • Monochromator (Newport)
  • Pilot plant for WATER SPLITTING studies
  • Solar simulator class A (area 30 x 30 cm2) by LUMIX and SOLARONIX
  • UV-Vis lamps
  • UV-Vis spectrophotometer (Hach Lange)
  • Photo-radiometer Delta-Ohm with UV-A, UV-B and Visible sensors.
  • Micro gas-cromatographs (Varian 490-GC and Inficon) for analysis of CO2, CO, CH4, methanol, O2, H2, N2, etc, with sample inlet up to 50 bar.
  • Biologic Bi-Potensiostat with EIS module.
  • Test bench for photocatalysts test in powder form or supported on electrodes for water splitting applications or organic molecules degradation.
  • Pilot and scale laboratory plants for photo-electrocatalysis and electrocatalysis operating up to 150 °C and 30 bar for H2 production and CO2 conversion.