Infrastructure Laboratory - Interdepartmental centre SISCON (Safety of infrastructures and constructions)

Lab for mortars and concrete manufacturing and for ceramics microstructural characterisation by means of mercury intrusion porosimetry (MIP) and thermogravimetric/differential thermal analysis (TG/DTA up to 1600 °C). A laser granulometer for powders particle size measurement (10 nm-3 mm) and a rheometer for the measurement of the viscosity of ceramic slurries and cement pastes/mortars are also available in this lab.

Type Research laboratory
Site Site Main structure: code TOCEN04XP02A034
Dimension 23.39 m2
  • Mercury porosimeter
  • Calorimetry
  • Viscosimeter
  • Thermal analysis (DTA-TG) operating up to 1600 °C
  • Granulometer for powders
  • Curing chambers under temperature and humidity-controlled conditions
  • Vibrating table
  • Profometer to identify the armour inside masonry and their corrosion degree
  • Equipment for the chlorides determination