Electrical Caractherization Laboratory

The laboratory is dedicated to the characterization of electrochemical devices for the conversion of energy from renewables (third generation photovoltaic and blue energy) and energy storage (supercapacitors and integrated devices) equipped with potentiostats of various types in a wide range of electrical operating parameters and possibility of sealing devices under vacuum and carrying out measurements at temperatures and in an inert environment.

Type Research laboratory
Site Main structure: code TOCEN03XP03B012
Phone +39 011 090 7359
Dimension 50 mq
  • Potenziostato/Galvanostato Metrohm Autolab PGSTAT128 + PC controllo
  • Arbin Instrument Testing System model BT-2000 + PC controllo
  • IPCE: Lampada 100-W QTH (Newport) e monocromatore150-mm Czerny Turner (Omni-l 150, Lot-Oriel)
  • Sun Simulator Classe A, 91195A, Newport
  • Keithley 2440 source measure unit + PC controllo
  • UV-Lamp (Newport)
  • Keithley 4200-SCS Parameter Analyzer
  • Probe station (Semiprobe)
  • Reattori HT/HP (Pilot-test-bench fino a 150°C e 30 bar) per ossido/riduzioni con relativa strumentazione di controllo.
  • Sun Simulator (Lumixo light engine by Solaronix) per caratterizzazioni large-scale e long-term di celle solari e dispositive fotoelettrochimici, con relativa strumentazione di controllo.