Laboratory LaTEST1 - Electrical Transport, Tunnel & Point-Contact Spectroscopy

The lab is dedicated to the electric and electronic characterization of various materials, especially superconductors and 2D materials. The equipment allows measurements of resistance, Hall effect, superconducting critical field and critical current, ac susceptibility, tunnel and point-contact spectroscopy as a function of temperature, down to 0.3 K, and in magnetic fields up to 9 T.

Type Research laboratory
Site Main structure: code TOCEN03XSB018
Phone +39 011 090 7350
Dimension 47,7 mq
  • Oxford® 4He cryostat with variable temperature insert (VTI) and superconducting magnet for measurements down to 1.5K and up to 9T
  • Cryogenic® 3He insert with base temperature 280 mK
  • Cryomech® PT415 pulse-tube He recondenser
  • Complete equipment for resistivity, ac susceptibility, point-contact spectroscopy and tunnel spectroscopy measurements
  • Microwave power generator (250 kHz – 20 GHz)
  • ITECO® glove box with stereomicroscope for sample mounting and handling in dry atmosphere
  • Station for sample/device mounting in ambient atmosphere with stereomicroscope