Laboratory LaTEST3 - Electrochemical Gating & SPM Preparation

The lab is dedicated to electrochemical gating and protonation at (and above) room temperature and in air, and hosts a station for sample mounting and device preparation for scanning probe microscopy (SPM).

Type Research laboratory
Site Main structure: code TOCEN03XSB007
Phone +39 011 090 7365
Dimension 14,89 mq
  • Setup for electrochemical gating and protonation of materials at (and above) room temperature with in-situ measurement of sample resistance, including high precision dc current source, source-measure unit, multimeters
  • Stereomicroscope and equipment for sample mounting and device preparation for gating/protonation experiments and scanning probe microscopy
  • Hot plate with stirrer and external temperature sensor, up to 550°C
  • IR lamp for resin and glue curing
  • Sonicator
  • Hot vacuum desiccator
  • Disc saw with diamond blade for precision sample cutting