Boards and Referents

The Department has boards to manage specific areas of interest. In detail

Commissione per la Strategia e la Programmazione (CSP) –  Prof.ssa Debora Fino e Prof.ssa Federica Bondioli

The Commissione per la Strategia e la Programmazione (CSP) has the function of pre-instituting the proposals related to the planning of teaching staff, as well as defining the strategic guidelines that guide the Department's actions, in harmony with those of the University; in addition to the Director, who chairs it by right, the CSP is composed of two tenured professors of the first rank per Institute, on the basis of nominations made by the individual Institutes; the Deputy Director attends the meetings of the CSP, as an invitee of the Director. 

Members: Marco Actis Grande, Samir Bensaid, Monica Ferraris, Alberto Fina, Claudio Gerbaldi, Fabrizio Giorgis, Renato Gonnelli, Andrea Lavagno, Mariangela Lombardi, Candido Fabrizio Pirri, Fausto Rossi, Marco Vanni

Commissione Didattica – Prof.ssa Barbara Bonelli

The Commissione Didattica  has the primary function of supporting the Director and the Council for the didactic activities falling within the direct competence of the Department by monitoring them in order to better define the educational offer and the plan of didactic coverage, also with a view to analysing the teaching load of lecturers. The Commission also proposes and encourages actions aimed at increasing, also in collaboration with the University TLlab, the use of innovative forms of teaching in the Courses of Study.

The Board, chaired by the Director's Contact Person for Teaching, is made up of:

  • Coordinator of the College of Chemical and Materials Engineering
  • Departmental Heads of Studies (or their delegates)
  • Referents for basic subjects
  • Department contact persons in TLlab
  • Timetable referents
  • Technical-administrative staff

Members: Marco Actis Grande, Sara Biamino, Giancarlo Cicero, Matteo Cocuzza, Fabio Alessandro Deorsola, Davide Fissore, Sabrina Grassini, Roberto Pisano, Milena Salvo, Carlo Ricciardi, Marco Vanni, Marco Armandi, Francesco Baino, Stefano Bianco, Alfredo Braunstein, Antonio Gliozzi, Pietro Mandracci, Matteo Pavese, Alessandro Sasso (afferente alla Direzione Studi)

Commissione Research, Science and Outreach –  Prof. Giovanni Maria Pavan

The Commissione Research, Science and Outreach  has the primary function of proposing and organising initiatives to promote research, the maximisation of its scientific level, impact and outreach. The Commission is also in charge of communicating research results both within and outside the Department and, in agreement with the University Representatives, of promoting the application of the University Policy for the management of research data.

The board is chaired by the Director's Contact Person for Research, Science and Outreach.

Members: Federico Bella, Valentina Alice Cauda, Laura Fabris, Andrea Lamberti, Marco Sangermano, Andrea Pagnani, Elena Simone

Commissione Trasferimento Tecnologico – Prof. Luciano Scaltrito

The Commissione Trasferimento Tecnologico has the function of animating a departmental spirit aimed at promoting 'innovation' through the dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge, with a particular focus on the involvement of the industrial sector, by developing effective communication between companies and the research institute, also by favouring the creation of spin-offs or the protection of research through the filing of patents.

The board is chaired by the Director's Contact Person for Technology Transfer.

Members: Ada Ferri, Giulio Malucelli, Milena Salvo, Andrea Antonio Gamba, Serena Esposito, Simelys Hernandez, Stefano Stassi

Commissione Innovazione e Finanziamenti – Prof. Samir Bensaid

The function of the Commissione Innovazione e Finanziamenti  is to analyse the various existing funding opportunities, interacting in collaboration with the University's RIMIN service, and to convey them to the Department's members. The Commission also interacts with the University's research and internationalisation services to propose departmental expertise.

The board is chaired by the Director's Contact Person for Funding.

Members: Matteo Cocuzza, Cristina Balagna, Federico Bosia, Alessandra Vitale,  Francesca Demichelis

Commissione Grandi Attrezzature e Laboratori di Eccellenza –  Prof. Claudio Gerbaldi

The function of the Commissioni Grandi Attrezzature e Laboratori di Eccellenza is to provide for the definition of clear criteria and rules for the optimal and transparent management and use of the Department's large equipment and laboratories of excellence, guaranteeing the widest possible access to the instruments by research groups in order to meet their scientific needs and facilitating the activities and participation of interested personnel in in-depth courses for the application of new techniques. The Board also promotes and disseminates up-to-date knowledge and information on the potential use of large equipment both among internal staff and with other bodies/institutes at national, European and international level so as to open up new opportunities for collaboration relevant to the Department's activities.

The board is chaired by the Director's Contact Person for Large Equipment and Laboratories of Excellence.

Members: Roberto Pisano, Federico Smeacetto, Rossella Arrigo, Dario Daghero, Simelys Hernandez, Marzia Quaglio, Silvia Maria Ronchetti, Francesco Savorani, Marco Allione, Salvatore Guastella


Commissione Spazi e Servizi – Prof. Sergio Ferrero

The Commissione Spazi e Servizi  deals with the management of departmental spaces (offices, classrooms, research and teaching laboratories, etc.). It is the Commission's task to propose, instruct, implement and monitor, following approval by the Departmental Council, plans to rationalise the use of departmental spaces, also in relation to teaching and research activities, coordinating with the University's CALOS Directorate and the Department's Security Commission, as well as to follow the process of managing breakdowns and inefficiencies. The Commission may avail itself of the involvement of other teaching and PTA personnel in the various investigations carried out.

The board is chaired by the Director's Contact Person for Spaces and Services.

Members: Federico Bella, Mariangela Lombardi, Roberto Pisano*, Laura Gozzelino*, Francesca Frascella, Giuseppe Aghem, Paolo Masserano + nine Institutes

*20.10.23 – 19.10.25; dal 20.10.25 – 30.09.27 will enter Fabio Alessandro Deorsola, Valentina Casalegno

Commissione Sicurezza – Prof. Luca Marmo

The Commissione Sicurezza  has the function of providing technical, scientific and organisational support to the Director and the Administrative Management Manager (RGA), in the areas of their respective competences, on issues relating to the safety of workers and students on the Department's premises, also assisting the functions in relations with the University's Prevention and Protection Service (SPP).

The board is chaired by the Director's Contact Person for Safety.

Members: Alberto Frache, Marco Armandi, Stefano Bianco, Paolo Matteis, Marco Piumetti, Mauro Tortello, Sara Ferraris, Gabriele Baldissone, Monica Bertone, Enrico Danzi

Commissione Life and Welfare –  Prof. Marco Sangermano

The Commissione Life and Welfare  has the function of promoting working wellbeing in the Department and a sense of community by creating a healthy and collaborative place among the staff, both teaching and technical-administrative, who are members of it. The Commission also aims to act as an antenna for difficult personal situations by trying to act as a bridge with the services available in the University, such as psychological support.

The board is chaired by the Director's Contact Person for Life and Welfare.

Members: Enrica Vernè, Laura Andrianopoli, Alessandro Monteverde, Fiora Artusio, Giuseppe Pipitone, Anna Mencagli, Lucia Pappani

Commissione Comunicazione – Prof.ssa Debora Fino (ad interim)

The Commissione Comunicazione  has the task of coordinating the communication processes involving the Department. In particular, the Commission manages activities to observe, analyse and promote the Department's identity in relation to its current activities (teaching, research and third mission/social impact). Furthermore, it has to harmonise, as far as it is concerned, the contents of the Department's website with those of the University website.

The board is chaired ad interim by the Director.

Members: Tonia Tommasi, Nicola Cavallini, Massimo Delle Piane, Silvia Fraterrigo Garofalo, Chiara Ricci

Commissione Biblioteca –  Prof. Marco Vanni

The Commissione Bibioteca  has the function of assessing purchases and possible disposals of departmental library material and proposing new acquisitions of subscriptions to scientific journals. In addition, the Commission has the task of organising the transfer of part of the library material to the new departmental archive.

The board is chaired by the Director's Contact Person for the Library.

Members: Roberta Maria Bongiovanni, Nunzio Russo, Francesca Bosco, Roberto Gerbaldo, Davide Girolami, Marta Miola, Monica Bertone, Paola Rivolo

Commissione Qualità – Prof. Antonello Barresi

The Commissione Qualità  has the function of disseminating the culture of Quality in the Department by managing, in accordance with the principles of the ministerial model of Self-Assessment, Evaluation and Accreditation (AVA), the Departmental Quality Assurance process in the fields of education, research and third mission/social impact by promoting continuous improvement. The Commission also supports the University in the Research Quality Assessment (VQR) exercises.

The board is chaired by the Director's Contact Person for Quality (REQUA).

Members: Federica Bondioli, Giancarlo Cicero, Micaela Demichela, Serena Esposito, Silvia Spriano, Chiara Ricci

Aggregate members by co-optation: Massimo Messori, Luca Dall’Asta