Quality Mangement Manual

The DISAT Quality Management Manual describes the Governance System adopted by the Department of Applied Science and Technology.

The main reference from which DISAT draws inspiration for the implementation of its Governance System is the AVA (Self Assessment, Periodic Evaluation, Accreditation) system of the National Agency for the Evaluation of the University System and Research, ANVUR.

The regulatory references are those of which the AVA system represents the implementation: Law n.240 of 20/12/2010, Legislative Decree n.19 of 27/01/2012 and Ministerial Decree n.1154 of 14/10/2021 (AVA3).

In the SG the DISAT describes

  • identity of the structure;
  • organisation: responsibilities and roles;
  • management documents for the Didactics of University Courses;
  • management documents for Research and Third Mission.

The SG, together with the documents it refers to, represents the formalisation by the Department of the actors of the Department's quality assurance system, considered fundamental to guarantee the Accreditation requirements and the proper management of the structure's activities.

Approved by Consiglio di Dipartimento on 20.10.2023

Manuale di Gestione in Qualità del DISAT application/pdf (395.44 kB)