Multiphase systems Laboratory

The laboratory activities regard the synthesis and characterization of nanoparticles, microparticles, porous materials, inclusion complexes, and inorganic compounds for pharmaceutical and energetic applications.

Type Research laboratory
Site Main structure: code TOCEN04XPTEA038
Phone +39 011 0904691
Dimension 55 mq
  • Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS, Zetasizer Nano ZS90, Malvern Instruments) for particle size and zeta potential of particles and surfaces
  • Laser light scattering (granulometer LS 230, Beckman Coulter)
  • Specific surface area measurement (BET, ASAP2020, Micromeritics)
  • Spray dryer (Mini Spray-Dryer B-290, B├╝chi)
  • Micro-reactors for the synthesis of polymer nanoparticles via solvent displacement method (confined impinging jets mixer, multi-inlet vortex mixer)
  • Gas chromatography (Varian 3400, Varian) with FID/ECD detectors
  • High-pressure agitated reactor with PID system for temperature control (Limbo Li, Buchiglasuster)
  • Fume hood