Enviromental Catalysis Laboratory (Blu Nox)

The laboratory is devoted to the evaluation of the performance of innovative heterogeneous catalysts, photocatalysts, electrocatalysts and multifunctional catalytic systems for the abatement of pollutants in gaseous liquid phase, the production of energy and the purification of water. Moreover, activities related to circular economy, such as CO2 valorization for the production of calcium carbonate nanoparticles, reuse of food waste, energetic valorization of municipal solid waste, conversion of vegetable and animal fats into combustible, are carried out.

Type Research laboratory
Site Main structure: code TOCEN04XS01I005
Phone +39 011 090 4682
Dimension 154,44 mq
    • Laboratory Fridge
    • Set of 7 ABB Gas analyzers for continuous measurements of NO, N2O, CO, NH3, SO2, O2, CO2, CH4.
    • 3 CARBOLITE muffle furnaces (Tmax. 1200 oC)
    • Heating and drying oven
    • Varian Gas Chromatograph with FID, PFPF, TCD detectors and methanator.
    • F-TIR Spectrophotometer Equinox 55 by Bruker with MCT (Mercury Cadmiun Telluride) cryodetector.
    • Set of 2 horizontal muffle furnaces (TMAX: 2200 oC)
    • Three vertical muffle furnaces
  • Two chemical hoods
  • One hammer mill
  • Soot generator
  • Stirrers and heaters
  • Air compressor
  • Turn-jars
  • Vacuum line
  • Supercritical reactor system for high Temperature and Pressure reactions.