Institute of Metallurgic Engineering

The Institute of Metallurgy deals with researches on alloys both ferrous (plain, low alloy, high-alloy, stainless steels, cast irons) and non-ferrous (Al, Mg, Ti, Zn based), either innovative or traditional, used in the automotive, metal, mechanical, chemical, food, biomedical, energy, civil and building industrial sectors. Compositional, microstructural, fractographic, mechanical and electrochemical tests are employed and interpreted  by  physical-chemistry and –metallurgy, mechanical-metallurgy, extractive-metallurgy,  computational models, surface corrosion and protection, wear and damage, life-cycle assessment theories. Studies are performed on metals undergone bulk and surface heat treatments and surface hardening treatments both themo-mechanical or thermo-chemical (carburizing, nitriding, carbonitriding and nitrocarburizing), as well as on metal or non metal deposits on alloys, effected for corrosion protection or other functional purposes. Industrial production methods of alloys and components by extractive metallurgy, foundry, powder metallurgy, welding are also studied in conjunction with pollutions control to ensure environment compatibility. Intense activity of Failure Analysis is performed using metallographic and fractographic tests. The Institute is also engaged in educational activities on the above subjects.