Federico Bella

  • “Innovazione Leonardo 2016” Award  1st one classified over 700 candidates, awarded (3000 EUR) for the valorization of talent and ideas in view of the contact with the business world. The Minister of Education, University and Research presides over the award ceremony
  • “Electron Devices PhD Program: Prize for the Best 2015 Thesis”  awarded by Politecnico di Torino (2500 EUR)
  • “Royal Society of Chemistry – Materials Horizons” Award  for the best oral presentation in the field of Materials Science during the 6th EuCheMS Chemistry Congress, Seville (Spain)
  • Honorable mention at “European Young Chemist Award 2016”, awarded by the Asociaciòn Nacional de Quimicos de España (500 EUR) to the talk given in the final of the European Young Chemist Award 2016
  • “ENI Award 2016 – Debut in Research”, awarded by ENI Company (25000 EUR) to the best PhD Thesis in the field of Renewable Energy. The President of the Italian Republic presides over the award ceremony
  • MiPiace (I like it!) Award @ “GiovedìScienza” Prize (5th Edition, 2016) for the best scientific communication, awarded by the popular jury during the final among the 10 best under-35 researchers of Piedmont, Lombardy and Liguria
  • “Sapio Junior” 2015 Prize for Research and Innovation, awarded by Sapio company (15000 EUR), in the Parliament of the Italian Republic, to the best under-30 Italian researcher who stands out for his scientific studies and research.
  • Junior Researcher “ENERCHEM-1 2016” Prize as the best Italian under-35 researcher for contributions of particular interest in the field of Chemistry of Renewable Energies
  • Best Italian PhD Thesis in Electrochemistry, awarded by the Italian Chemical Society (1000 EUR)

C. Gerbaldi

  • International Award “Roberto Piontelli” 2015 for outstanding scientific and technology contributions in the framework of electrochemistry applied to corrosion, energy and physical chemistry. Prize awarded by the President of the Italian Republic in Rome at Accademia dei Lincei
  • Best paper award 2015-2016 in “Energy Storage Materials” for the research article Energy Storage Materials 3 (2016) 69-76
  • The research article Chem. Commum. 51 (2015) 16308-16311 has been listed as one of the most relevant articles by this leading journal in the solar cells field “Progress in Photovoltaics” (10.1002/pip.2737),
  • The research article ChemSusChem 8 (2015) 3668-3676 mentioned by Chem. Eng. Technol. 38 (2015) 2112-2113 as first example of photopolymerized electrolyte for sodium-ion batteries, classified among the 2015 “Highlights” by Wiley
  • In 2015, the research article Chem. Soc. Rev. 44 (2015) 3431-3473 received the “Top open access article” Award by Royal Society of Chemistry
  • The high-impact journal Materials Today awarded the publication Acta Mater. 69 (2014) 60 as one of the most significant research article in the energy field (“Fast route to TiO2 battery anodes”) (2014).
  • Associate Editor of the “open access” journal “Batteries” (MDPI AG), 2015 to date
  • editorial board member of “Frontiers in Energy Storage” (Frontiers Media S.A., EPFL, Lausanne).

Jijeesh R. Nair 

  • editorial board member of the multidisciplinary “open-access” journal Helyon (Elsevier), 2015 to date
  • editorial board member of International Journal of Membrane Science and Technology (IJMST), 2015 to date

Luca Porcarelli

  • Best Italian PhD Thesis in Chemistry for Technologies, awarded by the Italian Association for Chemistry in Technologies (1000 EUR)

M. Falco

  • Best Poster Prize at “Workshop Harnessing the power of light in hybrid materials - 2016”

Julia Amici

  • EMRS Fall Meeting 2016 Award for the best presentation, EMRS Fall Meeting 2016 in Warsaw, Poland.

Stefania Specchia

  • Editorial Board Member of Catalysts (MDPI)

Alberto Fina

  • Since 2013 is member of the editorial board of the peer-reviewed scientific journal “Fire Technology”