SMIM - Superconductivity and Magnetism in Innovative Materials


The SMIM group is specialized in the study of magnetic and superconducting properties of innovative materials. It combines basic research (experimental and theoretical) on the quantum-mechanical microscopic mechanisms that determine these properties, to the use of advanced techniques for their modulation and optimization in view of applications in electronics, spintronics and renewable energies.

Main targets

  1. Innovative two-dimensional materials and graphene, their nanocomposites and interfaces: study of their thermal properties at the nanometric scale by means of scanning thermal microscopy, modulation of their transport properties by means of field effect (with the electrical double-layer technique) and identification/characterization of devices of potential technological interest.
  2. Theoretical/experimental study and characterization of non conventional superconducting materials, for fundamental physics and applications in the field of renewable energies.
  3. Optimization of the electronic properties of superconducting/magnetic/oxide materials by means of high-energy ion irradiation for the development of electronic and spintronic devices and for applications in the field of energy, of industrial interest.
  4. Development of novel technologies for sensing/imaging/shielding of electromagnetic field with superconducting and magnetic materials


Prof. Renato GONNELLI

Research teams

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